How Long Does the Eviction Process Take in Michigan?

By Cheryl Hinneburg
Long, the Eviction Process Take, Michigan

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For various reasons such as nonpayment, damage to a dwelling, or failure to comply with a lease, a landlord might want to evict a tenant. Tenants usually want to know how much time they are dealing with. There is a specific process and timeframe that has to be followed in the state of Michigan.

Notice to Quit

When a landlord wants to evict a tenant in the state of Michigan, the first step is mailing them a Notice to Quit. This paper informs the tenant on how many days he is allowed by Michigan law before the landlord can file the next stage of paperwork. This is usually 7 days.


Next, the landlord files a complaint with the local district court. The tenant will receive two copies, one mailed from the court and the other hand served. Basically, this is an order to appear in court on a specific date. The court date is usually within 2 weeks.


The tenant will appear in court on the specific date. Here the tenant will plead her case. If the tenant wins she can remain in her dwelling, but if she loses she has an 10 additional days before she must vacate the premises.

Writ of Restitution

Belongings on curb

If the tenant has not moved from the dwelling then a Writ of Restitution will be served by the court. This paper allows the Sheriff or a court officer to put the tenant's belongings on the curb.


If the tenant is living in subsidized housing the laws can vary. The process of eviction in Michigan is normally about 30 days from receiving the first notice.

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