How to Get a Bonded Car Title

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In some states, you can apply for a bonded car title if you do not have a proper title for you car. Most often, this occurs when the title of your car has been lost or stolen. You can also apply for a bonded car title if you bought a car and received an improperly assigned title or a bill of sale instead of a title. Once you have obtained a bonded title, you can sell the vehicle using the bonded title as a regular title.

Make sure that you qualify for a bonded title. To qualify, you must be a resident of the state or own a car whose last title was given in the state. The car must be a complete vehicle and cannot have been abandoned, stolen or junked.

Prove your eligibility to the state. Fill out the following documents to your Vehicle Titles and Registration (VTR) office: Statement of Fact for Bonded Title and Statement of Physical Inspection. You should also bring any other papers that might prove helpful, such as a bill of sale, invoice, canceled check or copy of your driver's license.

Wait for the VTR office to get back to you. When it does, it will send you documentation that will inform you of the amount of money that the bonded title will cost you.

Within 1 year of receiving the documentation, take it to an auto insurance agency and purchase the bond.

Within 30 days of buying the bond, take all of the above documentation, as well as a Form VTR 130-U and a proof of insurance to your county tax office.


  • If your vehicle is not from the state, you must obtain a Form VI-30 from a Safety Inspection Station as well. If your vehicle is not from the United States, you must obtain a Customs Document HS 7. If your vehicle is a truck or other commercial vehicle, you must obtain a weight certificate.



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