How to Obtain a Copy of Your MVR


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State departments of motor vehicles are responsible for maintaining driving records for registered vehicle operators who reside in the state. Having a current copy of your motor vehicles record (MVR) can help you spot inaccurate driving offenses and correct the mistakes so that you can lower your auto insurance rates or clear your record so that you can gain employment with a transportation firm.

Complete application and pay fees

Locate the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the state from which you are requesting records (see resources). Many states allow you to request your record without having to visit the DMV office in person. For example, the state of Alabama allows you to complete and submit a request for a copy of your driving record over the Internet.

Fill in your license plate number and the last year that your vehicle was registered in the state. Include the make, model and year of the vehicle for which you are requesting the driving record. Provide your name and mailing address. If you are married, include your spouse's name as well. In some states, you can also request the driving record of a person to whom you are leasing a vehicle. Ask the lessee to complete the section titled "Authorization by Vehicle Owner or Lessee" on the application to retrieve the record.

Pay the necessary application processing fees. Mail your completed form with fees to your state's Department of Motor Vehicles Division.


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