How to Apply for an Unemployment Extension

Unemployment compensation was designed to provide financial assistance when workers lose a job. The benefits are temporary and end when the unemployed recipient finds a new job. If you are having trouble finding employment and your assistance is running out, you may be able to get an extension of your benefits. The amount will generally be equal to what you qualified for under regular unemployment, but the collection period is extended.

Read all correspondence from your state Department of Labor. As your benefits near expiration, it will send you a notice and an application for extended benefits. Fill out the application immediately and return it to the appropriate office listed on the form.

Contact your state unemployment office (see Resources to locate offices) if you have less than two weeks of regular benefits left and you have not heard from the department. The office will direct you to the appropriate forms.

Visit the office website. Most have a downloadable application for extended benefits but do not allow applications to be made online. Print and fill out the form. Double-check for any errors or missing information. Sign the form and mail it to the appropriate office.


  • Fill out applications as soon as possible to avoid delays in benefits.


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