How to Make a Bill of Sale for an ATV

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If you have a four wheeler, or an ATV, that you are ready to sell, you will need to make up a bill of sale for that ATV sale. Anyone can make a bill of sale for an ATV, so there is no need to pay someone else to make the bill of sale for you. In fact, making a bill of sale for an ATV is a very simple process. And the bill of sale will be a valid legal contract between the seller and the buyer of the ATV.

What's the Document For?

You can make a bill of sale for an ATV on a computer using a program like MS Word or Notepad, or you can write out the bill of sale for the ATV by hand. It will be a legally binding contract either way. Label your document. At the top of your paper, you will need to write “Bill of Sale for ATV” to label the document. This will ensure that there is no confusion as to what the document is for.

Who is Selling and Who is Buying?

The first section of your bill of sale for an ATV will detail the amount of the sale, the name and address of the seller, and the name and address of the buyer. It can be simply worded as “For a sale in the amount of AMOUNT for an ATV sold by SELLER of ADDRESS to BUYER of ADDRESS.” You will need to input the appropriate information for AMOUNT, SELLER, BUYER and the two listings of ADDRESS.

What is Being Sold?

The midsection of the bill of sale for the ATV will give the details of the ATV that is being sold. You will need to list the manufacturer, the model and the serial number of the ATV that is being sold. Make no promises of a warranty. Underneath the ATV details you will want to put on the bill of sale “The seller states that the ATV is being sold as-is with no implied warranty.”

Making It Legal

At the bottom of the bill of sale for the ATV you will need to have a place for date and signatures of the seller and buyer. For the date, you will put on the document “Executed on DATE” and put the proper date of sale. Then have a line for the seller to sign and a line for the buyer to sign. Some states require a notary to be present when the bill of sale is signed. Check with your local courthouse for its policy.


  • Making a bill of sale is as simple as writing a few key pieces of information in a Word document. As long as you include the names of the buyer and seller, a description of the ATV and the price, then the bill of sale will be a legal contract between the buyer and seller, as long as it's signed by the parties.



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