How to File for Unemployment Benefits Extension

Due to the current economic situation, those who are receiving unemployment benefits are now eligible to extend their benefits by 13 to 20 weeks.

Check your state's unemployment extension eligibility criteria.

The guidelines for unemployment and unemployment extension are different in each state. Start researching the unemployment extension eligibility criteria specific to your state. There are often two different unemployment extensions, one is state funded while the other is funded by the government.

Gather all personal information necessary; and reapply.

Gather all of your information you needed upon initially filing unemployment; your past work histories, your reason of unemployment, and your social security number. To get an unemployment extension, go to your state's unemployment website, or call the employment security department. File for your unemployment extension.

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Wait for the mail; the paperwork comes in the mail and your checks should keep coming.

Once you have filed for your unemployment benefits, wait for the paperwork and the payments that will follow. Remember that you can be audited on your job search at any time; keep diligent job search records with reliable contacts to verify receiving your application.

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