How Do I Legally Change My Name in Ohio?

By Robin Hewitt

Changing your name legally in Ohio is a fairly straightforward process. Whether you fancy a different moniker or just don't care for the name you currently have, as long as it's not done for illegal purposes such as deception, evading the law or avoiding debt you can change your name in Ohio in 6 to 8 weeks.

Reside in the same county in Ohio for a minimum of one year prior to requesting your name change.

File a petition for change of name at the probate court of the county you live in. They will request that you swear you have been a resident for at least a year, give the reason you wish to change your name and give the name you wish to assume. You will also have to pay a fee at this time; the amount will vary depending on the county in which you reside.

Receive a hearing date from the court by mail. This date will be approximately 6 weeks from the time you receive the notice.

Place an ad in a generally circulated newspaper within the county as soon as you have filed the petition. The ad will need to have the petition case number, the court where the petition was filed and the date and time that the hearing is scheduled to take place. This ad must be placed no less than 30 days before your hearing date.

Attend the hearing as scheduled and present proof that you placed the ad as directed. At this time the judge should grant your name change as requested.

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