What Does Et Al Mean in Real Estate?

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"Et al." means "and the rest." It is a Latin abbreviation used in traditional legal language to refer to others in a contract. Its main benefit is to name just one or two people out of a group so a person doesn't have to write them all out every time. Without it, the sheer wave of names needlessly prolongs the contract. For example, if Bill is giving his property to several people identified by first names only, the full contact would read "Bill will give his property to James, Jill, John, Joseph, Jim, Gerald, Lucy, Luke, Cody, and Nick." All of them have the same rights, but using et al reduces the contract term to just the first name on the list.

Using Et Al.

Establish Who is Et Al.

Before you can use et al. in a real estate contract, you have to establish who et al. is.

James, Jill, John, Joseph, Jim, Gerald, Lucy, Luke, Cody, and Nick in this contract will be identified as “James et al.” and all are legally bound to the execution of the contract.

Use Et Al. for the rest of the contract.

Bill is contracting his property to James et al.


  • Common Misuses

    It is a common mistake to add the word "and" between a name and “et al”. But this is redundant because et al. already means “and the rest.” Therefore writing James and et al. means “James and and the rest,” which sounds funny and is grammatically incorrect.


  • Forms of “et al”

    Et al. is a shortened version of et alii, et aliae and et alia. All of which mean "and the rest," but apply differently to all men (et alii), women (et aliae), and things (et alia).


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