How to Download a Printable Bill of Sale Form

Determine whether your state requires an official bill of sale form. Some states require official bill of sale forms for legal sales. If you don't download and fill out an official form, you may run into legal complications later.

Log on to your state's Department of Motor Vehicles website. Your state's DMV should have printable bill of sale forms available in PDF or text format. You may have to access a specific part of the website devoted to vehicle owners and title issues. Refer to the website to get your start.

Visit your county clerk office's website. Your county clerk should have printable bill of sale forms available for you to download free-of-charge. You might need to access private property sections of the website.

Look on law websites. Law websites may offer printable bill of sale forms. These bill of sale forms may be detailed and ready-to-use, but they may also require payment. The websites for Kinsey Law Offices and World Law Direct have bill of sale forms.

Consider customizing a blank, general bill of sale form if your state doesn't have a rule requiring the use of an official bill of sale form. Write the pertinent information detailing your item and its sale before using it.