How to Get Fingerprinted

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Many employers require fingerprints as a condition of employment. Here is how to get fingerprinted.

Call your local law enforcement agency to find out if they do fingerprinting. Most agencies do fingerprinting at specific times.

Most states require one photo ID, such as a drivers license, but some require two ID's. Ask what is required and take the required ID's with you.

Bring payment for the fingerprinting process. Many agencies do not take credit cards. Some will take a check or money order. Some will take cash, others may not. Be sure to ask what form of payment is required. Fingerprinting usually runs under $20.00.

Employers will supply you with the fingerprint cards you need to have completed. If you are having a child fingerprinted for security purposes the agency will usually have special cards they use.

Your hands should be clean but do not wash them with liquids immediately before you get fingerprinted. Do not put on lotion before you are fingerprinted. Soap and lotion can harm the quality of the prints and then you would have to have them redone.

Let the officer move your hands to make the prints. You do not need to press down, the officer will position your fingers so you get the best possible prints.

At the end of the procedure, they will usually squirt special soap in your hands to clean off the stamping material. You still may want to wash your hands again, so be sure to put the fingerprint cards in a safe place.


  • Many agencies do not take credit cards. They may require a money order or a check. Ask in advance how it should be

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