How to Report Your Car Stolen

Call your local police department. Make sure you use the number for non-emergencies.

Wait for the police to arrive. The police will come to your location to take a statement from you and to fill out a police report on the theft of your car. Depending on how busy they are with emergencies, it may be a little while before they get there.

Have all the details handy. The police will ask you a lot of questions about when, where and how your car was stolen. Be prepared to give answers that are detailed and accurate. The more information you give, the better equipped the police will be to find your car.

Call your insurance company. Once the police have gone, make sure you report the theft to your car insurance agency. You may be entitled to financial compensation from them, depending on the details of your policy.

Settle in for the duration. The police are investigating the theft of your car. Depending on the circumstances of the theft and the available clues, it could be anywhere from a day or months until they find your car. In some cases, your car may never be found.