How Can I Report a Fraudulent Business to the Media?

When you feel you have been the victim of fraud, one of the first things you want to do is expose the company to the public. Exposing a fraudulent company through the media will not only warn others about doing business with that company, but it can also help you get justice for your own situation. The media is pervasive throughout our society, and there are many different ways of exposing a fraud through the media.

Local News

Your local television news stations normally have a "call to action" reporter who will go out and bring fraudulent companies to the public eye. When you contact the local television news station, make sure you have all of your information together. They will want to have a solid case against the company before they will put you on the air. Using the local television news media to expose a fraudulent company can be a very effective way in getting your story out to millions of people in your area. Not only will it help you expose the fraud you have been a victim of, it can also help others to steer clear of the company to avoid being the victims of fraud themselves.

Letter to Editor

The newspaper is still a viable and relevant form of communication, and exposing the fraudulent company you have been victimized by through a letter to the editor can be a very effective tool. Before writing a letter to the editor, contact the newspaper and see if they would be interested in running a story on your situation. Many times having something printed in the newspaper can be more effective than the television as the newspaper does not get turned off when it is done being used.


If you feel that your fraud situation warrants national exposure then you can spend days and weeks trying to get the national media's attention, or you can post your story yourself on one of the many public Internet sites that allow people to post their own news stories. Some of the video hosting websites gets millions of visitors a day, and if you feel that your story deserves national exposure you will certainly get it on an Internet website. It is important to note that you will want to make sure you are dealing with facts in your story, and not your personal opinion. Exposing a company for being a fraud without any solid evidence could get you in legal trouble. also offers the ability to report a fraudulent company online.

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