How to Ship Paint With FedEx

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Paint, because of its toxicity and alcohol content, is considered a dangerous good to ship. However, FedEx provides shipping services for a number of dangerous goods, including potentially hazardous liquids. Depending on the value of the paint, you may want to purchase shipping insurance to protect it from damage or loss during shipment.

Confirm that the paint will be accepted at the intended destination. Not all countries accept shipments of dangerous goods. For a listing of countries and restrictions on shipped goods, visit

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Seal the paint in a can with a friction-fitted lid. If possible, avoid opening paint cans intended for shipping so that they are securely tightened inside the shipping box. FedEx only ships metal paint cans of hazardous liquids.

Wrap the paint container with bubble wrap to prevent it from denting or puncturing. Use tape to secure the bubble wrap from unwrapping. Place the bubble-wrapped container inside a fiberboard packaging box. Fiberboard packaging is thicker than a normal cardboard box; it has padding to withstand impact. Fill space around the container with cushioning material, such as packaging peanuts, bubble wrap or newspaper. Securely tape the box to prevent it from opening.

Properly label the package. You must indicate that a package contains hazardous materials on the outside of the package. Affix a red hazard label (OP-900 label), which you can obtain at a FedEx office, to the package and write the identification number for paint (UN1263) on each side of the box. Also, include a return address, or the package will not be shipped.

Drop the package off at a FedEx location or schedule a pick up.

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