How to File a Consumer Complaint

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Venting to your friends about a company's poor service or wrongdoing may help to release your frustration but does little to resolve the situation or effect change. Filing an official complaint with various government and business agencies take little time but could get you the result you want.

Go to the website of the Federal Trade Commission and click on the "Consumer Protection" tab at the top. Click on "File a Complaint" and then "Complaint Assistant" to fill out the complaint form. The complaints are entered into systems that are viewed by civil and criminal law enforcement authorities.

Go to the Better Business Bureau and choose your country. Click on "For Consumers" at the top and "File a Complaint" listed under Complaints. Click "Next" to file. The BBB acts as a mediator between you and the person or business you are filing a complaint against. The complaint will be sent to the other party within two business days and allows 14 days to respond. Another request will be made if the 14 days expire without a response. You will be duly notified by BBB of the status of your complaint and claims are closed after 30 days.

Go to your state's government site and click on the link for the "Attorney General". Contact the Consumer Frauds Bureau and file a complaint using the online forms or by calling the bureau.

Go to the Consumer Complaint Agency and click on "File a Complaint". The agency collects complaints from consumers around the United States and reviews each one.



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