How to Complete a Marriage Form I-9

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An I-9 form must be filled out by all employees -- United States citizens and non-United States citizens -- hired after August 6, 1986. This is in compliance with government regulations intended to verify employment eligibility. Corrections must be made to the I-9 form if an employee marries and changes her name. The new name must be recorded, but Social Security number, address and date of birth will remain the same so long as they remain accurate.

Obtain a new Social Security Card, a new passport and a new driver's license. Employers must request one of these items to verify that the employee's name has changed. Employers typically photocopy the documents and keep them on file.

Locate "Section 3" of the I-9 form. This section is located toward the bottom of the page. It is titled "Updated and Reverification," and is completed by the employer.


Locate "Block A." This block asks for the new name of the employee. Place your full name, including your new married name, in this location.


Sign and date the I-9 form. This document should be signed by the employer, or the employer's designated representative.



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