How to Renew a Notary

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Laws concerning notaries public differ from state to state. These differences include qualifications, length of term, jurisdiction, duties, fees, form of seal, application and renewal procedures and to which state agency the would-be notary must apply. Only Louisiana provides lifetime commissions to its notaries. Most of the agencies to which each notary originally applied will have a website where the notary may find information pertaining to renewal. In most cases, the procedure is the same as the original application process.

Fill out the notary renewal application. Print legibly.

Purchase your notary bond.

Make a check or money order payable to the appropriate agency for the notary application fee and bond filing fee.


Mail or deliver the above documents to the agency that issues notary commissions in your state.


Once you have received your notary commission certificate, you can obtain your notary supplies (stamp and journal).



  • Most state governmental websites list the steps and fees involved in obtaining and renewing a notary commission.


  • Try to renew your notary commission approximately 60 days prior to its expiration in order to continue notarizing documents without interruption.



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