How to Renew as a Notary in Kentucky

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Notaries public provide very important services to the public by witnessing the signature of legal documents and reciting oaths. In Kentucky, there are two types of notaries: the notary public special commission and the notary state at large. Each type of notary has a commission of four years. To renew your commission you must submit an application with the Kentucky Secretary of State.

Obtain the appointment application from the Kentucky Secretary of State. Navigate to the Kentucky Secretary of State Administrative Services website. You must download and print a copy of the renewal application. The application is the same as the form that was used for your initial commission.

Complete the application. The application requires you to provide your full name, date of birth, phone number, home address and the county in which you will serve your commission. When completing the application, you must check the box indicating that you are renewing your commission.


Submit your application. Mail the completed application to the following address: Notary Commissions; P.O. Box 821; Frankfort, Kentucky 40602-0821. As of December 2010, the filing fee for renewing your commission is $10.00. Check or money orders must be made out to "Kentucky State Treasurer."




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