How to Recycle Rubber Bands

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You've got several rubber bands lying around and aren't sure what to do with them. You could throw them away, but would rather recycle or reuse them in some way. Break out that rubber band ball and use them around your house, donate them or use them in creative projects. No matter what the size, you'll be able to find uses for those small pieces of rubber.

Donate rubber bands to a school. Schools, whether elementary or high school, are always in need of supplies, used or new. Give them back to the paper deliverer by collecting the bands that get wrapped around your newspapers.

Make an inexpensive and instant wallet if you don't have room in your purse or pocket for a bulky wallet. Wrap your money around items like credit cards and your driver's license. Secure with a rubber band. This will keep important items together without adding bulk.

Wrap a rubber band around the neck of a soap dispenser, under the output spout. This will limit the amount of soap dispensed from the bottle, resulting in less waste of soap.

Place rubber bands around Easter eggs in different patterns before dyeing them. This will give you different designs on the eggs.

Slip the rubber band over a book so that it's wrapped around the spine. Close the book and you're able to hold your page without a traditional bookmark.

Wrap the band around stubborn jar lids to make them easier to grip and open. Put rubber bands around soap, shampoo and conditioner containers in the shower to make them less likely to be dropped from your hands being wet. Wrap a rubber band loosely around your finger when counting money, flipping through a magazine or when reading a book. The grip of the band makes it easier to complete these tasks.

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