How to Report Welfare Fraud in California

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The California Welfare program is designed to assist a parent when she is between jobs. There are protocols that must be followed in order for the parent to receive Welfare benefits. For example, the children must be living in the home, an absentee parent cannot be living in the home and all income must be reported. If the parent is not abiding by these protocols, California considers this fraudulent behavior and it should be reported.

Report the fraud by calling the California Welfare fraud hot line at 800-344-8477. The fraud hot line representative will be able to take the details of the fraud. However, the hot line is not an investigative agency. The fraud hot line will relay your report to the appropriate agency.

Contact your local California Health & Human Services agency. If you need to locate an agency for your county, access the county Welfare fraud referral numbers that are located on the California Department of Social Services website (see Resources).


Advise the California Health & Human Services representative that you would like to report a suspected case of Welfare fraud. You will then be able to provide the agency representative with all of the details surrounding the fraud.




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