How to Find a ZIP Code for a Given Address

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A ZIP code is a numerical code that helps post officers determine exactly where to deliver a given piece of mail. If you want to mail a letter, ship a package or send a postcard to a specific address you will need to know the ZIP code of the address. Knowing the ZIP code of an address can also help you find an exact address if you are visiting an unfamiliar place.

Make sure you have the correct address. You should have the name of the company or building, a street number and a city. If you don't contact the person. You may be able to find out the ZIP code this way.

Input the information into an online directory. allows users to type in a street name, street number, state and town into the site’s database under the heading maps. Hit submit and the exact ZIP code will come up. Type in any address to get detailed directions to get to the address from another starting destination.

Find the plus four zip code. All addresses have an additional series of digits. The additional digits serve to help pinpoint an exact location with even more precision. You can still mail a letter or package and find a destination online without it. To find the address’s plus four code go to the United States Post web site. Click the heading, “look up ZIP codes.” You can then type all the address information you have and hit submit. The entire ZIP code should appear on your screen.


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