How to Find a Foreign Address

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Addresses take different formats around the world. They depend mostly on how a country is divided and laid out. However, they all generally contain the same elements. These include a building number as well as a section of a building designation (i.e., apartments, offices in a larger office building), street name, city/town/village, province/county/state or similar geographic division, country name, and postal code. Use as much information as you have of a person&#039;s or entity&#039;s address to locate them online by consulting the Internet version of the phone book.

Use the online yellow pages to help you locate a business or organization. Search the Internet for &quot;yellow pages and international&quot; to make sure you find online phone books to help you find an address outside the United States. &quot;White pages&quot; help you locate an individual&#039;s address. It is important to remember that not every person&#039;s address is listed in the white pages, and that some countries may not have white pages. If you are looking for a very rural address, consider looking for a particular prominent building close to your address. For example, when mailing something to Argentina, you may have to state the name of a rural school in the village as there may not be a post office or mailboxes (See Reference 1).

Select the region of the world in which you are looking for an address. You may find that the particular online yellow pages you choose divides the world by continent or by regions of continents. Make sure you know which country you are looking for an address in and where it is located in the world.

Choose the country in which you are looking for an address among the choices provided. Know that the yellow or white pages may not be in English. You may find it helpful to translate the page into English using a website translator such as that available for free from Google. However, the main information you need is the number of the building, the name of the street/section of town, the city/town/village, the province/state, and the postal code, if applicable.

Use an online map service such as Google Maps or MapQuest to find where the address is in the country. You can zoom down to the street level using these online map tools to help locate the address even more precisely.


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