How to Fill Out the OSHA 300 Form

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All work establishments must complete the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Form 300, which reports all work-related injuries and illnesses for the previous year. This form must be posted by Feb. 1 of the following year.

Keeping accurate work-related injury or illness records is required by law. Do this by keeping a file or binder that contains each incident. Record all vital information about the employee and the incident on a first report of injury form for your workmen's compensation company. Make sure you include all notes, follow-up appointments, and any other material relating to the incident. Having this information complete will make filling out the OSHA 300 form much easier.

Download the form from the OSHA website. It will print out on legal size paper unless you reconfigure the size.

List all of the injuries and illnesses by earliest date. You will need the employee name, title, date of injury, and details of the incident. You will also be reporting on number of days away from work or job transfers/restrictions. This is where keeping complete and accurate records throughout the year becomes important.

Totals from this page will be used for the OSHA Form 300A. On this page you will record the employer information. You will need the address, the industry description, SIC code if known and employment information, which includes the average number of employees and the total number of hours worked for the year.

Transfer the totals from the FORM 300 to this page (OHSA FORM 300A) for the number of cases, days and types of injury and illnesses.

Make a copy of all of the forms for your files.

Post the OHSA Form 300A in a visible location in the workplace. This must be posted from Feb.y 1 to April 30 of the following the year covered by the form.


  • Don't be surprised if you receive a letter requesting you to post your information on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. This is required by law if requested.


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