How to Change the Address on a Voters Card in Florida

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In order for you to vote in the state of Florida, you must be a registered voter and vote in the city and county in which you reside. Your voter's registration card must reflect your current address in order to vote in the proper precinct. If you're a Florida resident moving within the state, you can update your address on your voter's card by following the simple guidelines established by the state of Florida.

Navigate to the Voter Registration Application for the state of Florida at Click on either the English or Spanish link entitled Florida Voter Registration Application located in the middle of the Web page.

Print the application file once the link has opened. Place a check mark next to Address Change in Box One. Fill out each remaining box completely. Be certain to use a black ballpoint when filling out your information. Sign and date the application.

Place a first class stamp on an envelope and mail your completed application to your county Supervisor of Elections. Locate the exact address of your county's Supervisor of Elections by browsing the address information located at the bottom of the Florida Voter Registration Application.

Allow a few weeks for your new voter registration card to arrive. Check the card thoroughly to ensure your new address is correct. Call the Supervisor of Elections in your county if you have any questions or concerns regarding your new card.


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