Construction Employment Agreement

A construction employment agreement is a contract between a construction company and an employee. This agreement is designed to outline the details of the working relationship between the two parties.


A construction employment agreement is used when a construction company hires an employee to perform work. The agreement states the obligations of both parties and offers details about the job. Many job agreements are conducted verbally, but a written agreement protects both parties from default. This agreement also outlines the confidentiality responsibilities of the construction company.


This agreement states whether the job is full time or part time and includes information about a trial or probationary period. It also includes time regulations and salary information. It contains information regarding calling off work, the number of sick days, vacation pay and bonuses. A construction employment agreement states the date the employment begins and terms of ending the agreement.


Construction employment agreements contain the requirements of the construction worker. It includes details as to certifications needed and tools the worker needs to bring for the work. It lists the job title and duties expected of the worker. This agreement also gives a written explanation on the policies regarding the reimbursement of expenses.

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