How to Spot Fake Missouri IDs

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It's not difficult these days for someone to obtain fake identification that looks authentic. With today's technology, you can purchase a novelty ID from the Internet within minutes. If your job requires you to check IDs, you need to know how to spot a forgery instantly. Some fake IDs look so close to authentic that a casual observer could be fooled. To determine whether a Missouri ID is real or fake, you should know exactly what to look for each and every time you check someone's ID.

Examine the Missouri state logo and font, and compare these to an authentic Missouri ID. Small discrepancies in font size and shape can give away a fake ID. The lettering should be smooth, crisp and even.

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Look closely at the picture on the ID. Even if the ID is not a fake, some people will try to use identification that belongs to someone else. Hair and weight can vary, but make sure the person standing in front of you is the same person in the picture. If you have doubts, ask for another form of ID. Acceptable forms of ID in Missouri include a driver’s license, state non-driver ID, military ID or passport.

Look for evidence of tampering. Authentic Missouri IDs will not have red eyes in the picture, fuzzy numbers or letters or bumpy surfaces. Sometimes when a fake ID is laminated, the state seal will not line up properly, so look for that irregularity. Check fake cards for rough edges, particularly around the picture. The back of a Missouri ID should have a barcode, as well as a pattern across the surface in the outline of the state of Missouri. The signature must match the name on the license, and it must be in black only. Check the expiration date, as well as the issue date.

Watch the person’s body language. Look for signs of nervousness such as fidgeting or avoiding eye contact. Observe the person's clothing and hairstyle. Underage youth using a fake ID often will try to look older than they are.


  • Never accept anyone’s ID unless you are sure it is authentic. If there is any doubt, reject the ID and ask for another one.


  • Keep a book or printout handy with pictures of all current state IDs for comparisons. If you suspect someone borrowed another person’s ID, ask him to say his horoscope. If he has the same birth date as on the card, he should know his own sign.