How to Apply for Emergency Disability

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Unexpected events and emergencies disrupt your ability to work and create a lot of stress. If you are unable to work due to your injury, health problems or other unforeseen circumstances, you may find your bills stacking up with no way to earn a living. Temporary disability benefits help you to cover your finances while recovering from any injuries or other short-term emergencies. Applying for these benefits differs from state to state, but follows the same general protocols.

Visit your state’s disability home page. This site is usually accessible by entering the name of your state and the words “temporary disability” in a search engine. Verify that the site is an official state website by looking for a “.gov” in the address.

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Read the requirements to determine if you are eligible to receive temporary benefits, including help with an emergency. Eligibility rules vary by state but typically demand that you are not receiving other government benefits and meet certain wage requirements.

Apply online for temporary disability. Enter the required information into the online form, then follow the on-screen instructions. It may take several weeks to receive a response, depending on your state.

Print the state-provided temporary disability form if there is no way to apply online. You can apply via mail by filling out the application form and sending it to the address given by your state’s disability website.