How to Give Copyright Credit for Images

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A small business may incorporate images, such as photos, graphs and charts, in presentations and in noncommercial business materials. When you use images that belong to someone else, you must provide copyright information for the work. Placing relevant information in a slideshow presentation or on a sales brochure is a matter of letting viewers and readers know who is responsible for the visual material they see. Without appropriate attribution of images, you and your small business may be guilty of copyright infringement – an illegal activity.

Immediately beneath the chart, photograph or artwork, enter the name of the creator – principal author – of the image. Principal authors may be individuals or organizations. Ask the author if you should use a pseudonym.

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Next to the principal author's name, provide the title of the graphic. Include the copyright symbol if the symbol appears with the image you copied.

Enter the website URL, if relevant. Write the entire web address. In digital works, enter it as a link.


  • Give credit for images even if they are royalty free or are images licensed for free use by a source such as Creative Commons. Contact the creator of an image you wish to use and ask for permission to use his graphic work. You may not use copyrighted work for commercial purposes.

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