How to Cash Bonds With a Power of Attorney

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If you are the agent under a financial power of attorney, the person who drew up the document appointed you to act for her in financial matters, including managing her portfolio and paying her debts. Bonds are one of the building blocks used to construct a balanced investment portfolio. To cash your principal's bonds, you'll need proof of your authority to act as her agent.

Financial POA

A power of attorney, termed a POA, is a legal document. The person drawing up the POA, the principal, names an agent to make her financial decisions for her. The agent under the POA owes the principal a very high duty of care to act at all times in her best interests and not to benefit himself at her expense.

Authority to Cash Bonds

Savings bonds and other government and corporate bonds are often included in a balanced investment portfolio. An agent under a POA has the legal authority to cash in the principal's bonds if doing so is in her best interests.

Cashing In Bonds

You can cash paper savings bonds at many banks like you would cash a check. Bring identification and the POA documents proving your authority to redeem the bonds. For bonds held in an investment account, establish your POA authority with the investment company by providing the requisite documents, then redeem the bonds in the principal's investment account in person, online or by phone.



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