How to Renew an LLC in Utah

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Your Utah LLC must be renewed every year it is in existence. The renewal process involves providing the Utah Department of Commerce with the information required in your annual report and paying the current filing fee. The process is handled by the department's Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. The renewal period for your LLC begins 60 days before the anniversary date when your LLC was created. You will receive a postcard from the department reminding you to renew. The postcard provides instructions on how to complete the renewal online.

Obtain from your LLC's registered agent the renewal notice for your company, which is a postcard mailed by the department at the beginning of the LLC's renewal period. The postcard has all the information you need to renew your LLC.

Go to the home page for the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code and select "Renew a business?" from the drop-down menu under "How Do I...." You will be taken to a page titled "How to renew a business?" In the first paragraph is a link using the phrase "renew the business entity online." Click the link to go to a page titled "The Renewal Process." Click the box with the phrase "Renew Your Business Online " to go to the online "Business Renewal" home page. The postcard with the renewal notice information may also state a website address you can use to directly access the "Business Renewal" home page.

Enter the Entity Number for your LLC and the Renewal ID Number found on your renewal notice into the appropriate boxes on the "Business Renewal" home page. After accessing the service, you will be given the option of updating your LLC's information of record regarding its responsible persons, including the registered agent; business purpose; and principal business address.

Complete the renewal process by entering your credit card information where indicated. After inserting the information from the renewal notice, you will be given a fee total. Once the credit card information is validated, you will be given a confirmation of the renewal.


  • Failing to renew your Utah LLC can result in its involuntary dissolution by the state. If this occurs, you will have to pay additional fees and penalties to revive it, as well as having to complete the renewal process.


  • Before signing off from the renewal website, you should print the confirmation of the renewal for your records.

    As an alternative to using the department's online renewal service, you can renew your LLC by mail using the Annual Report/Renewal Form which can be downloaded from the department's website.

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