How to Change Articles of Organization for a Missouri LLC

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Changing articles of organization in Missouri is an extremely simple process. The law requires that business file a change, called an amendment, when certain events occur, but the business itself can decide to file the amendment to reflect new information, too. Limited liability companies, or LLCs, that need to file Form LLC 12, to amend their articles of organization.


An LLC must file an amendment if the first is if the LLC changes its name, if there is a change in management, or if the original articles of organization defined a date for dissolution, or ending the LLC, and that date changes. In these instances, the amendment must be filed no later than 60 days following the change. A logical exception is that if the dissolution date is less than 60 days away; in this case, filing the amendment needs to take place prior to dissolution.

Other Changes

If other aspects of the articles of organization change, an LLC can also file an amendment to record the change. An example of another reason to file an amendment might be a change in the nature of the business that impacts its authority to collect taxes. For instance, a convenience store might start selling cigarettes and obtain authority to collect tobacco taxes.

Form LLC 12

In Missouri, Form LLC 12 makes filing the amendment simple. You can download the form from the Missouri Secretary of State website. On the form, you must include the name of the LLC, the effective date of the change and the date of the change that required the amendment. Write out the change to the articles of organization in the space provided on the form. Check the boxes if applicable to indicate the change if one of the boxes is appropriate. Mail the form with the appropriate fee to the secretary of state at the address at the top of the form.

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Alternate Forms

When other changes occur in the LLC, the business must fill out and file other specific forms. For example, if the registered agent resigns, the business must complete and file the Statement of Resignation of Registered Agent of Limited Liability Company, Form LLC 6. When the LLC appoints a new registered agent, it must file the Statement of Change of Registered Agent or Registered Office, Form Corp 59. When the LLC is winding up, it must file the Notice of Winding Up for the Limited Liability Company, Form LLC 13. If the LLC is terminating, it must file the Articles of Termination for a Limited Liability Company, Form LLC 5.