How to Give Someone Temporary Legal Guardianship of a Minor in Wisconsin

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Giving another adult temporary guardianship over a child allows him to act for the child as a parent would, but without receiving legal custody. It ensures that your child is taken care of when you're not available. For example, if you're going out of the country, the guardian has the ability to make emergency decisions regarding your child in the event you can't be reached. You give another adult temporary guardianship of a child in Wisconsin by filling the proper forms in the county register of probate court, attending a hearing and getting an order from the judge. Temporary guardianship of a child lasts for 60 days from the order date unless the judge orders otherwise.

Obtain the forms you need from the official website of the Wisconsin court system, or visit the county register of probate court's office to get the forms.

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Complete questions 1 through 10 of Form GN-3290. The proposed "ward" is the minor. You need the minor's name, home address, birth date and the names and addresses of all "interested" people. Interested people are the ward's spouse, parents and any other person with legal or physical custody of the ward. State the reason for the need for a guardian clearly. You also need the name, address and phone number of the proposed guardian.

Complete questions 11 through 13 of the form. You need to state the type and values of all the minor's assets, including real estate he owns and all financial accounts, and answer questions about any income he receives, such as child support. Skip questions 14 through 16.

Answer the questions in 17 through 21 on the form that apply to your case. For example, if the minor needs a guardian immediately, write the reason why on the line for question 18. Leave questions that don't apply blank. Put the form aside without signing it.

Fill out the top half of Form GF-131. You need the minor's name, address and phone number. Check the box for the reason for the temporary guardianship, "a minor." Leave "The Court Orders" section and the signature spot blank; this section is for court use.

Fill out the parts of Form GN-3110 you can prior to filing. You won't have a case number or hearing date and time until you file. Leave those lines blank and don't sign.

Bring forms GN-3290, GF-131 and GF-3110 to the Wisconsin county register in probate office of the county the child currently lives in. You must pay a filing fee; fees vary by Wisconsin county. Sign GN-3290 in front of a court notary and have your signature notarized. File the forms. You will be given a date and time for the hearing and a case number while you'll filling. Write the information in on Form GF-3110. Ask the clerk for copies of all filed forms. You need enough copies to have one set for yourself and complete sets to give to the ward, if she's over 14, and all interested parties.

Serve copies of forms GN-3290, GF-131 and GF-3110 on the ward if she's over 14 and all interested parties you listed on the petition. Serve other interested persons the court identified when you filed the petition, if any. You must serve them immediately; the ward and parties have to be served no later than three days after the hearing date but preferably before. Mail copies using certified mail, return receipt. Make two copies of all returned mail receipts.

Complete Form GN-3120 once all parties are served. Attach a set of receipt copies. Sign and date in front of a notary for notarization. File the form in court. Get a copy from court when filing.

Ask the proposed guardian to complete Form GN-3230. This form is her agreement to appointment as guardian. She must sign the form, have her signature notarized and file it in court before the hearing date. Ask her to get a copy of the filed form.

Complete the parts of forms GN-3250, GN-3260 and GN-3265 you can before the hearing. You need the minor's name, birth date and the case number for all three forms. Leave all statements regarding powers, the length of the guardian's appointment and other parts the judge must complete blank. Don't sign any of the forms.

Attend the hearing with the proposed guardian. Bring copies of forms GN-3290, GF-131, GN-3110, GN-3210 and GN-3230 with you. Bring the original forms GN-3250, GN-3260 and GN-3265 as well; the court will ask for these forms when you attend the hearing. The judge will decide on the temporary guardianship at the hearing.


  • If you need the guardian to serve for more than 60 days, get forms GN-3270 and GN-3280. Complete and file the forms in the same court before the first 60 days expires to receive another 60 days.

    Check the court rules of the county register of probate court if you're unsure about any requirements.

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