How to Change Name of an LLC in California

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In California, the main document needed to form a limited liability company is called the articles of organization. If you change the name of your LLC, you must notify the state by filing an amendment to the articles of organization within 30 days of the change. The required form for making an amendment to LLC filings is available online.

Preparing the Certificate of Amendment

Download the Certificate of Amendment Form LLC-2 from the California Secretary of State's website (see Resources). It is a PDF document that can be filled out online then printed or printed first for writing in the information.

Use blue or black ink and print legibly if you fill out the amendment by hand.

Type or write the name of the LLC's secretary of state file number in section 1. The state issues all LLCs a file number when the company successfully registers their articles of organization.

Type or write the original name of the LLC in section 2.

Type or write the new name of the LLC in section 3a. Make sure that the new name adheres to the state requirements for LLC names. The name must end with the abbreviations "LLC" or "L.L.C.," or the worlds "Limited Liability Company" or "Ltd. Limited Liability Co."

Do not fill out any other information in section 3.

Type or write the future effective date of the name change in section 4 if you have not started using the new name yet.

Type or write the number of pages attached to the document, if applicable, in section 5.

Type or write the name of the person filing the document in section 6. For execution, the certificate requires an original signature and title of at least one manager unless a greater number is indicated in the articles of organization. The date of filing should also be included. If a trust is designated as a manager or member, the certificate must be signed by a trustee in a specific format: [Name of Trustee], trustee for [Trust Name] trust [date of trust].

Type or print the name of the return address of the authorized person or firm to whom a copy of the form should be returned.

Mail or hand-deliver the form to the secretary of state's office in Sacramento. The delivery address is included on page two of the amendment form. The form cannot be filed at secretary of state regional offices.

As of 2010, include the filing fee of $30.00 with the document. A $15.00 special handling fee is added for documents that are hand-delivered. The special handling fee should be included as a separate check.


  • The state provides a schedule of estimated processing times on its website (see Resources). The schedule can change on a daily basis during the business week.

    The state offers expedited services starting at $350 for documents hand delivered to the Sacramento office (see References).



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