Cost to Start an Arizona LLC

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A limited liability company protects its members from personal liability for company debts and other obligations, and affords a simplified method of taxation for owners and partners. To do business in Arizona, an LLC must register with the Arizona Corporations Commission, or ACC, and pay the statutory registration fees.

Name Search and Reservation

Choose a unique name for your LLC. The name cannot be identical to the name of another entity formally doing business in the state, nor can it be a close imitation of another company’s name. You can check name availability on the ACC's website (see Resources). You may reserve a name online for a fee of $45 or by mail for $10. All fees listed are current as of December, 2010.

Articles of Organization

The next step in the process is to file Articles of Organization with the ACC. The articles must list the company's name and location, manager names and addresses, and the date the company is to be dissolved if it is to operate for a limited time. You must also designate a statutory agent who resides within the state and who agrees to accept legal papers and process on behalf of the LLC.

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As of December 2010, the fee for the registering a domestic LLC is $50; expedited processing is $85. For a foreign LLC, the fee is $150, with expedited processing available for $185. If you are reinstating an LLC that has been dissolved by the state, the fee is $100; expedited reinstatement is $135.

Amendments and Mergers

Any amendment to the Articles of Organization, for either domestic or foreign LLCs, can be filed with the ACC for $25 or $60 for expedited service. If you wish to merge the LLC with another business entity, paperwork known as Articles of Merger can be filed for a fee of $50, or $85 for expedited service.

Copying and Certifying

Copies of documents on file with the ACC can be obtained at any point in the process by paying a fee of $5 plus 50 cents per page. The ACC can certify these documents for an additional fee of $10, or $45 for expedited service. The same fee is charged for a Certificate of Good Standing, which is a legal document proving that your LLC is currently registered and operating normally in Arizona.