What Documents Do I Need to File for Unemployment in Georgia?

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The Georgia Department of Labor accepts unemployment applications online or at any of its career centers. All applicants must provide documents that confirm their identity and employment history. Other documents are also required from applicants who fall within different citizenship categories or who are applying for funding under specific programs.

Identification and Contact

The Georgia Department of Labor requires your Social Security number to file for unemployment. You'll also need valid government-issued photo identification. Non-citizens must provide their alien number and expiration date. If you're filing a claim online, you'll also need a personal email address to which confidential information can be sent. Union members should also provide their union cards.

Affidavit to Verify Lawful Presence in the U.S.

An applicant must sign an affidavit confirming she's a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or a non-citizen legally present in the U.S. This affidavit will be provided by the Georgia Department of Labor at the time of application. Non-citizens must provide copies of employment authorization documents, front and back, in order to complete the affidavit.

Employment Information

If you have a separation notice from your former employer, the Georgia Department of Labor will request it to supplement your claim. You'll also need completed details of your previous 18 months of work, including the names, dates and addresses of all employers. If you were a federal employee in the previous two years, you'll need your federal pay stubs and your SF-50 or SF-8 form.

Banking and Tax Information

Georgia requires your bank account and routing information in order to directly deposit your unemployment benefits. If you're self-employed or a farmer and are applying for Disaster Unemployment Assistance, you'll need your most recent tax return or quarterly estimated income tax payment record.

Military Applicants

Former military personnel must provide one of several documents: a W-2, their most recent DD-214, orders to report or of release, or a military earnings/leave statement.

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