How to File for Section 599 With New York State Unemployment

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The Section 599 program allows an unemployment claimant receiving training to keep his benefits without following the job search requirements that go along with unemployment in New York. Training may consist of vocational or educational classes and must improve the claimant's chances of finding long-term employment after completion. All training programs must earn approval from the New York State Department of Labor, and the claimant has to submit a request to the department for consideration for the program.

Review the training you want to receive under the Section 599 program. Requirements vary by training type and case, but all programs must have training sessions for 12 hours each week or more and end in two years or less.

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Locate the Division of Employment and Workforce Solutions office near you. Go to the New York State Department of Labor's official website for a list of office locations (see Resources).

Go to the Division of Employment and Workforce Solutions office in person. Bring the unemployment case number with you. Ask to speak to a counselor. Tell the counselor about the Section 599 training program you want or ask for a list of approved area programs and select a program from the list.

Complete the Section 599 forms the counselor gives you. Forms may vary slightly by office, but typically ask for your personal information, your claim information and the name and address of the provider of the training program.

File the forms in the office. You will receive notice of approval or denial of the request by mail from the labor department.


  • The New York State Department of Labor may set additional requirements for a training program.

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