How Do I Pay a Lost Speeding Ticket in Colorado?

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When you are ticketed for speeding in Colorado you are given a printed ticket. This ticket comes with a claim number. You need this number in order to pay the fine through the county or town you are caught speeding in. If, however, you can't seem to find the speeding ticket it is still possible to pay off the fine, it just takes a little investigation work.

Call the court house located in the county you are pulled over in. If you are unsure of the number, navigate over to a search engine on your Internet browser and type in the county/city name. Click the city municipal website and there is a "Contact Us" option. Right here is the phone number you need.

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Request to speak to someone in the fine and corrections department. Eventually you are transferred to an individual that can help you with your lost speeding ticket.

Explain the problem to the person you are transferred to. You are then asked for your driver's license number and the license plate information. The individual is now able to look up your speeding ticket information.

Write down the ticket and violation number. When you make out your check write this data into the "For" area on the check. Mail in the check to the given address (the individual on the phone gives you this data).

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