Can I Collect New York State Unemployment and Receive Company Pension Payments?

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Unemployment Insurance in New York is offered to residents who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who are actively looking for work. Retirees collecting a pension may be eligible for unemployment compensation if they meet these conditions.

State Notifiication

You must notify the New York Department of Labor Call Center if you are collecting a pension and unemployment benefits. The department will determine if you are eligible for unemployment compensation and if you will receive any reduction in benefits. If you are retired and not seeking work, you are not eligible for unemployment Insurance.

Reduction of Benefits

If you have retired and begun to collect your pension but are still looking for work, you can continue to collect unemployment benefits. However, there may be a reduction in benefits. If you are receiving the pension from an employer that you worked for in the last calendar year and that work made you eligible for the pension, your unemployment benefits likely will be reduced.

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Benefit Calculation

Your benefits will be reduced only if you contributed less than 50 percent of your pension, the reduction is half of the weekly equivalent of your pension. If you contributed nothing toward your pension, your weekly unemployment benefits will be reduced by the weekly equivalent amount of your pension check. Although your unemployment benefits can be reduced, a pension can not be withheld because you are collecting unemployment benefits.