How to Get a Barber License

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If your dream is to become a barber and cut hair for a living, you will need to become licensed. You can receive a barber's license by attending classes at an accredited barber school. Many schools require you to have hands-on training before taking your exam, while some provide hands-on training at the barber school.

Find a barber school in your state by looking up a nearby location online (see Resources).

Complete the application process.

Enroll for classes, and complete the minimum of 1,500 hours of study required to become a barber plus any additional hours required by your state.

Prepare to take your state barber exam.

Contact the barber review board in your state, and register for your state barber exam.

Take the state barber exam.


  • You should receive notification in the mail within two to four weeks informing you if you have passed the state barber exam. If you have passed, you also will receive your barber's license. If you failed the test, you can schedule a time to retake the test. Barber school must completed in the allotted time frame; you cannot go back and make up hours without having to retake the entire class.


  • The required amount of hours to become a licensed barber varies by state.

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