How to Petition for the Termination of Guardianship in Missouri

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A guardian can petition for the termination of guardianship in the state of Missouri. Terminating guardianship means that if the petition is accepted by the court, the guardian will no longer be responsible for the minor in the eyes of the law. To begin the petition the guardian must get a copy of the Termination of Guardianship form, which can be found at a local county courthouse.

Fill out the petition for Termination of Guardianship form. File the form with your local county clerk.

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Go to court on your assigned day and time. After you file your petition, you will be sent a letter informing you of your court date and time.


Present your case to the judge. Tell the court why you are petitioning for termination of guardianship; take any supporting paperwork or evidence with you. You do not need a lawyer unless you feel more comfortable with formal representation.


Wait for the judge's verdict on whether the guardianship will be terminated. If guardianship is not terminated you cannot file another petition for termination of guardianship until 180 days after the original petition was filed. This is per Missouri state statute 475.083.


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