How to File a Complaint About a Paralegal

By Jeffery Keilholtz
File a complaint about a paralegal by phone.
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Paralegals work hand-in-hand with attorneys and are subject to similar laws and responsibilities. Paralegals must work in an ethical manner that exemplifies professional behavior. Paralegals are responsible for promoting the welfare of the client their firm is serving and never compromise their principles or bend the law. Filing a complaint about a paralegal should be done immediately if you suspect or have evidence of willful negligence or misconduct.

Visit the state bar website for the state you live in. Consult the site for any standing rules on filing grievances. Examine the official business and professional code of your state to help you precisely identify paralegal wrongdoing.

Contact a coordinator of the paralegal division for the state bar via email or phone to file a basic grievance. Explain the complaint in precise detail. Note the date the misdeed took place, the firm employing the paralegal and any remaining evidence of the misconduct.

Draft a written complaint in conjunction with any verbal or electronic communication. Submit the written grievance to the paralegal division of the state bar where you live.