How do I Renew an Australian Driving License?

By Ashley Mackenzie
Pay the licensing fee to renew your Australian driving license.
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Whether your enjoy road trips through the Outback or just need a car to commute to work, you need to keep your driving license current by renewing it before it expires. Each state or territory in Australia has unique laws regarding driving and licensing. Visit the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship website for a list of Internet links to local traffic authorities (see Resources). Knowing your state's driving rules will help you take the next step in renewing your license.

New South Wales

Visit a licensing center and complete an application for license renewal, as the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) of New South Wales requires.

Provide your old driving license. The RTA will alter it to render it invalid.

Take an eyesight test if prompted.

Pay the licensing fee.


Renew your license online at if your license photograph is less than 10 years old and your current license is still valid. If the license or photograph has expired, visit a Department of Transport and and Main Roads customer service center, or a police station that issues licenses.

Provide three forms of identification if your license has been expired over two years. One form of ID must prove your name and birth date---such as a passport or birth certificate---while a second form of ID must prove your residence in the community---such as a Medicare card or local student ID. If neither of these shows your Australian address, your third form of ID must provide it.

Take the learner license road rules test if your license has been expired for more than five years. In this case, your new license will be a provisional license, as the Queensland government states that you must start the gradual licensing program over again.


Call VicRoads at 13 11 71 and pay the renewal fee with a Visa or Mastercard. If the photograph on your previous driving license is less than five years old, you may be finished with the renewal process at this point. Ask the VicRoads representative on the phone to be sure.

Wait for a renewal notice to arrive by post if your old photo is expired.

Take your renewal notice and expired driving license to a VicRoads customer service center. Have your photo taken for your new license.

Alternatively, visit the service center first to pay your fees and have your photograph taken on the same day. This eliminates steps one and two for people with expired photographs.