North Carolina Felon Voting Rights

By Vanessa Allison
North Carolina allows felons to have their voting privileges reinstated.
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The state of North Carolina allows for convicted felons to regain voting privileges and considers a felon's rights "automatically restored" after a designated period of time. However, there are a few necessary steps and a list of qualifications that must be verified by the state in order for a felon to regain his voting rights.

Completing Sentence and Parole

A convicted felon that has only completed sentencing is not yet eligible to vote. Voting privileges can be restored after a convicted felon has completed both her sentence and parole or probation period.

Restoring Rights

In order to have rights restored, a felon must contact the convicting agency for a certificate of verification. This certificate is proof that the felon has been unconditionally discharged and must be filed the clerk of the General Court of Justice in the county where the person was convicted. There is no charge to filing this document. Once the document has been filed, the felon can now register to vote.

Qualifying to Vote

To qualify to vote in North Carolina, you must sign a voter declaration documents that confirms the following: your US citizenship; your residency in North Carolina for at least 30 days before the election; your age (are at least 18 years old by the next election); your lack of registration to vote in any other county or state and, if convicted of a felony, proof your rights have been restored.

Registering to Vote

A felon can register to vote at specified agencies, like Food Stamp offices, Medicaid, Vocational Rehabilitation and the Employment Security Commission or through the mail. You may also register at the DMV with any driver's license-issuing office but only while using DMV facilities for other legitimate business such as renewing a license or obtaining an ID card. If you wish to register by mail, contact your county's board of election office to have a form mailed to you; you can also pick up these forms at local public high schools and libraries. Note that schools and libraries only administer the forms, not receive them.

Voting Deadlines

In order to vote in the next election, you must register to vote in North Carolina at least 25 days prior to the election date. Registration forms sent through the mail will be considered valid on the postmark date. Your county's Board of Elections will notify all registered voters of their assigned precincts and polling places. Those that missed the deadline may qualify to register in person at a one-stop voting site during the designated one-stop absentee voting time.

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