How to Hire IRS Tax Lawyers

By braniac
Hire IRS Tax Lawyers

If you owe money to the IRS and feel that you are in over your head, you are probably wondering how to go about locating and hiring IRS tax lawyers. This can easily seem like a daunting task, as everywhere you turn, there are literally dozens upon dozens of IRS tax lawyers advertising for business, and making promising-sounding claims. So how do you know who is who?

Ask around.

If you have any friends or acquaintances who have dealt with IRS issues in the past, they can be valuable sources of information about procedures, ideas, and especially specific lawyers that they either do or do not recommend. Cast your net wide, ask your friends if their friends might know anyone with experience in this issue, and you're bound to get at least a few opinions, which you can then turn around and use to help narrow down your own search for the best tax lawyers.

Explore your other options.

The Internet is another great tool for helping you to find IRS tax lawyers. In the same way you'd search the traditional phonebook, you'll be able to find a substantial number of tax layer listings online- but you will also have the added benefit of browsing more detailed online databases and websites specifically designed to help people in your position.,, and are examples of a few useful sites, with additional resources including free legal guides, and advice columns.

Interview your choices.

When you have narrowed down your list to only a few lawyers, the next step is to contact your choices. Schedule a consultation, and be sure to bring in as much necessary information as you can, to help the lawyer understand your case and best ascertain whether he or she is able to help you. Remember, though, that the consultation is also your time to actively interview the lawyer- he or she is working for you, and you need to pick a lawyer based not only on who has the best credentials, but also on whom you feel most comfortable with in a close working relationship.