How to Find an Ohio Prison Inmate

By Contributing Writer

Whether you are curious about a friend's incarceration status, are a victim who would like to know the incarceration status of the man or woman responsible or recently met a inmate but didn't catch his or her name, it isn't difficult find Ohio inmate information. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has a very intuitive website where you can find any inmate information you may be curious about.

Go to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Offender search page,

If you know the name of the inmate you're searching for--first or last--you can enter it into the search form, and press "Search." You will then see a list of list of relevant inmates, accompanied by their mugshots, inmate number, date of birth, incarceration status and offenses. To find more details on an inmate, click their associated number.

You can also search for inmates by their county of commitment, residential county, zip code, status (incarcerated, APA supervision or at large), their next parole hearing date or their inmate number.

The website provides a helpful service for victims of crime. Simply click on the Victim Notification Form at the top of the page, fill it out and you will be notified if the relevant criminal is paroled, released, dies, escapes or is sentenced to death.