How to Find Inmate Records

By Faizah Imani

When a person is sentenced as an inmate, a lot of the information concerning his or her sentence becomes a matter of public record. If you desire to search for inmate records, there are many resources online that will assist you for free. You should avoid websites that attempt to charge you a fee for your records search.

Go to a website that houses a database of inmate records. You can find a database of federal inmates by visiting the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. Other sites, such as Jail.Org, The Inmate Locator, and InmatesPlus.Com, will provide access to other records that are nonfederal.

Enter the inmate's information, such as his or her name and approximate age or birthday, race and gender. The more information you enter, the better your chances of retrieving records for the right inmate.

Press the "Search" or "Submit" option to yield search results. Wording may slightly vary by website.

View all of the inmate records that were returned in the search results until you locate the records you are searching for. The records will include the inmate's identification number, where he or she is being held, as well the expected date of release. Some sites will also list mailing address records, in case you desire to send mail to the inmate.

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