How to Apply for a Visa to Singapore

By Joshua Duvauchelle
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The Republic of Singapore is a small island country found just north of the equator and one of the richest countries in the world in gross domestic product. Once a British colony, the country combines Asian traditions with its British heritage for a vibrant local culture. Visitors come for both its culture, as well as its sunny and tropical climate. Learn how to apply for an entry visa to Singapore so you can stay and enjoy the island's beaches and jungles.

Print out the Singapore visa application from the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (see link in Resources). Use a black or blue ballpoint pen and compete the form completely. Follow the prompts in each section of the form. For example, enter your name and birth date under "Particulars of Applicant." Alternatively, fill out the online visa form, following the on-screen prompts to enter your personal information (see link in Resources).

Use a paper clip to affix a standard passport-sized photo of yourself to the top right-hand corner of your physical Singapore visa application. The photo should be of your head facing the camera in front of a plain white background. You should not be wearing any accessories or hats that obscure your face in the picture. If you are completing the online application, follow the on-screen prompts to upload a digital photo of yourself. The photo must measure 400-by-514 pixels.

Submit the application. If completing the online form, skip to Step 4. Submit the completed visa application in person to the nearest Singapore embassy or consulate. To locate the nearest location, consult the Singapore Consular Services (see link in Resources). When submitting, you must provide payment for the application. Most Singapore embassies accept a Visa or MasterCard credit card or cash but will not accept checks or money orders. As of September 2009, the processing fee for a visa is USD $20.

Click the "Submit" button if filling out the online Singapore visa application. An electronic payment screen will appear. Enter your MasterCard or Visa credit card information and submit payment. A confirmation screen will appear confirming acceptance of your visa application.

Wait for your Singapore visa application to be processed. Depending on the volume of applications received, this process may take several weeks. You will be notified by mail when your paper application is approved or rejected or online if you filled out the online application.

Print off the Singapore visa on your home printer if you competed an online application, or wait for a paper visa to arrive in the mail if you completed a physical application. Take the visa, along with your passport and proof of sufficient funds, with you when you travel. You must display these documents when you check in for your flight to Singapore and again upon arrival in the country.