How to Fill Out an I9 Form (for employees)

By eHow Contributor

I 9 forms are the documentation employers use to verify that you are indeed eligible for employment in the US. Here's how to complete an I 9, or, an employment eligibility verification form.

Fill out your personal information.

To complete your I 9 form, fill out the entire "section 1" on the day that you begin a new job. Include your name, address, social security number, and date of birth. All information must be complete in order for the form to be valid.

Select your employment eligibility status.

The purpose of the i9 form is to verify your employment eligibility; whether you are a citizen, permanent resident, alien, or visitor. Select the status that applies to you.

Sign the I9 form.

By signing and dating the I9 form, you are validating the document as well as attesting to its accurateness. Don't forget this part!

Turn the form in.

Leave the rest of the employment eligibility form blank. Your employer will fill out the rest of the I 9, as well as process the document and keep it for their records.