How to Get Excused From Summons Jury With Work Excuses

By eHow Contributor
summons jury

If you have been summoned for jury duty, and you cannot afford to miss time off from school or work, you can get excused as long as you are enrolled in a program or get a letter stating your involvement in a project. The excuse has to be one where taking time off will jeopardize your career in some way. For example, students cannot resume where they left off if they miss part of a semester. Therefore they can be excused without question.

Finding a good Reason to miss Summons Jury

If you are a student, you will have to provide proof of enrollment. You need to either go to your program director or registrar to obtain a letter stating that you are currently enrolled in the program. If you are a professional and need work excuses, try to find one that requires you to be there with a deadline. I have personally seen people get out of jury duty with this excuse if presented properly.

If you happen to miss the deadline for mailing in the postponement, you will have to call the number to the jurors office, who will not question you further if you are a student. If you are not, you will have to show up to the summons jury and then speak to them directly. I've had a friend play out a nervous breakdown with tears stating she needs to be at work as its peak season, and they brought in a manager of some sort, who told her she can leave. So its a judgment call if it gets to that point

You may get more summons in the following months stating that you have already requested a postponement and cannot request further postponements. This only applies to non students, you are allowed to postpone again with a letter from your registrar. If all else fails, pray that the trial does not last more than a week; most end within 1-3 days, but can last up to a month.