How to Get Police Record Checks in Canada

By eHow Contributor
Get police record checks in Canada.
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Canada law requires that individuals seeking jobs (paid or volunteer) working with children or any other vulnerable population must submit to a criminal background check. An individual's consent is required for third parties (other than law enforcement) to do a criminal public searches in Canada. There are two types of criminal searches: Criminal Records Checks and Police Records Check. A police records check includes a Criminal Records Check, as well as a search of the information database of a police agency, which includes police information such as local disturbances and allegations of offenses where charges were not made, as well as court decisions.

Define the purpose for the criminal background search. If you need a background check to be able to work with the vulnerable population, you may need to obtain a Police Records Check. In other situations, you may need to get a Criminal Records Search.

Visit the website for your local Police Service Office to get a Criminal and Police Records search form. Enter the required information, which usually includes name, aliases, address record for previous five years, and consent for the search.

Submit the Police Service form in person to the local Police Service Office. Present the completed form and two pieces of valid identifications with name, address and date of birth. The wait time to receive the police and criminal searches in the mail is about six weeks.