How to Get a Copy of a Marriage Certificate

By eHow Contributor

The rising number of identity theft crimes has compelled many organizations to demand greater levels of proof of identity before processing certain requests. Marriage certificates are gaining in popularity as a necessary form of ID. If you cannot locate your copy and need a duplicate, you may request one from the appropriate state agency.

Find the proper organization that retains marriage records in the state in which you were married. Most states issue copies of marriage licenses through organizations called either the Department of Vital Records or the Division of Vital Records. These are often part of the Department of Health in that particular state.

Navigate to the website of the appropriate agency. In many cases, there will be a prominently placed link for this on the main page. Follow this link to find instructions for requesting a marriage license copy. In some states, you can order a copy directly from the website with a credit card.

If no information on marriage licenses is readily available on the site, navigate to the contact page. Call the department directly and tell the person who answers the phone what you're looking for. You should be given detailed instructions that will likely include mailing a written request and a check to cover the processing fee to the Department of Health.